Our last couple of releases focussed on fixing bugs, but with version 1.7.4 that was released earlier this week, we have returned to improving features.

Staff Actions

Many more actions can now be performed on a staff record without having to leave the Staff Profile screen.

User accounts can be created, disabled, or deleted.

Welcome emails and password reset emails can be sent out.

Leave, sickness, and overtime can be recorded.

Leave approvers and line managers can be designated or changed.

Workflows can be initiated.

Emails, meeting notes, and PDF letters can be composed.


These are now accessed from the top menu of the HR Admin application rather than from the Self-Service Portal. The fields to choose from are now listed on the left hand side of the screen in order to free up more screen space for the reports themselves.


Source: https://civihr.org/blog/post/release-civihr-version-174