We help CSR initiatives and non-profit organizations across the world to use software to cut overhead expenses, automate work, and save time.


Stay compliant and efficient with centralised staff and volunteer data, HR reports, leave management, checklists for routine workflows like joining, and more.


Collect data from multiple projects and locations, and generate instant reports. Anytime, anywhere. No more late nights compiling impact reports for your donors and the Board.

The Risk of Spreadsheets and Folders

Inconsistent Versions

Spreadsheets often have multiple versions with inconsistent or conflicting data. Staff spend hours updating and reconciling them with other team members.

Person Dependent

When an employee leaves, it takes ages to find any  information from their computer or filing system.

Invalid Data

There is no validation of data. It is very difficult to locate errors or missing information.

Manual Compilation

Producing routine reports eats up a lot of time. If any data is missing or inconsistent, you get unreliable insights.

All-or-Nothing Access

You cannot grant access to a specific area of spreadsheets or paper records to a team member, which contains data relevant for them. You must share either all data or none.

No Audit Trail

When more than one person has access to a spreadsheet or folder, it is difficult to track who changed what information and when.

Does any of this sound familiar? Contact us to discuss how software can help you manage your data better.

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  • "I have had the opportunity to watch Drishtant grow and evolve since its early days. United Way of Mumbai has collaborated with Drishtant on the StepONE platform. What impresses me most about the team is their sincerity and dedication to provide tech solutions to the development sector, and the tremendous effort they have invested in creating product services that are relevant, relatable and convenient to adopt. I wish Drishtant a very productive and successful journey."
    — George J Aikara, United Way of Mumbai
  • "From small beginnings our relationship with Drishtant has grown ever stronger, and we now count them as our trusted partners. We hand them difficult problems and they always come back with solutions."
    — Andrew Tombs, CiviHR
  • "Drishtant has created a website for Shraddha Charitable Trust which is not only visually appealing, but has attracted a lot of visitors to the site. Ruchi and her colleagues visited the workshop and collaborated with the Shraddha team to understand the organisation and its needs, and the result is our website that's aesthetically designed, very functional and easy to navigate."
    — Aarti Sarvaiya, Shraddha Charitable Trust
  • "Drishtant has been a dream come true for us! They had solutions for inputting and managing our databases, ready made tools for keeping in touch with different stakeholders. And best of all, whenever we ran into problems in uploading or managing our data, they were extremely prompt in helping us deal with them. Thank you Drishtant for being in our lives! "
    — Sujana Krishnamoorthy, Under The Mango Tree
  • "I had the privilege of working with Drishtant to help an NGO adopt an e-commerce strategy. I was particularly impressed with their ability to empathize with the client, truly understand their needs and constraints, and then customize an appropriate technology solution. Their deep domain expertise of the social sector AND technology, coupled with the team's diligence, patience, and willingness to go the extra mile, positions them as an ideal software partner for the social sector."
    — Saumya Lashkari, Godrej Industries Limited
  • "At all times Drishtant has been proactive and solution based. They did a thorough analysis of Magic Bus – how we are organized, what we needed and what stumbling blocks there might be in the implementation of a new system, so they could be avoided. Very few organizations would take the time to do this, making Drishtant one of the most client-centric companies I have dealt with."
    — Claire O’ Neil, Magic Bus India Foundation