We help CSR initiatives and non-profit organizations across the world to use software to cut overhead expenses, automate work, and save time.


Stay compliant and efficient with centralised staff and volunteer data, HR reports, leave management, checklists for routine workflows like joining, and more.


Collect data from multiple projects and locations, and generate instant reports. Anytime, anywhere. No more late nights compiling impact reports for your donors and the Board.

The Risk of Spreadsheets and Folders

Inconsistent Versions

Spreadsheets often have multiple versions with inconsistent or conflicting data. Staff spend hours updating and reconciling them with other team members.

Person Dependent

When an employee leaves, it takes ages to find any  information from their computer or filing system.

Invalid Data

There is no validation of data. It is very difficult to locate errors or missing information.

Manual Compilation

Producing routine reports eats up a